A New Collection of Watercolor Prints Now Available!


It's been a while since I released a collection of prints, but I am so thrilled to be sharing these with you. They feel so alive on the wall! I can't wait to see where they go in your spaces. 

Watercolors have been such a refreshing medium for me, and it just seemed fitting that they were the star of this new collection.  I have been working in oil paint as long as I can remember, and it was my primary medium while I was earning my degree in art. This last year I focused a lot of painting for myself and really finding my voice in art though, and it seemed to me that the moment I laid my first stroke in watercolor sometime in the fall, I had found my voice. It wasn't that I had given up on my oils, because they are still my first choice in medium, but it was if the watercolors gave me a breath of fresh air. I felt renewed. They taught me things I was striving for in oil, and once I did them in watercolor I was able to then do in oil. The searching and learning never ends in art.

This collection represents quiet memories and sweet moments. In every image, there is a story of peace and happiness. I hope that those messages are what the art speaks to you, too. Enjoy! 

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The Florist's Market - Oil Painting - Twelve Days of Painting and Christmas


If I wasn't committed to making these twelve pieces available to you before Christmas, I would definitely be keeping this one for myself. I was in love with this market stand of flowers when I saw it, and I am still in love with every bit of it even in a painting. I took the photograph for this painting in a little, beautiful shop in a small town in Victoria, Australia. (It was one of my favorite days that we spent in Australia too!) I walked in and was overwhelmed by the floral station set up in the back corner. It had the most marvelous light casting onto the wild, bursts of colors. I (bravely, because she was busy and strikingly intimidating) asked the shop owner if I could snap a photo. She said yes, and I took about 10. . . that was about 9 more photos than I planned to take. Little embarrassed, but I lived. Someday, my dream is to have a flower patch that I can harvest each year to look just like this. My painting collection would be extra happy because of it, don't you think?

This painting will be available in my shop by 5pm CST, 12.4.15. Check back tomorrow, as always, for another painting! :)

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Watercolors - 12 Days of Painting and Christmas


Today is third day of my painting series. I'm feeling so grateful for the response so far!! This painting of the oak trees was one that I absolutely was itching to paint. That seems to be the case with every painting in this series. I love that morning light and messy dew-dropped grass. I wanted to be right there frolicking in it as I was painting.

Hope you have been enjoying this series, too!

Both of these paintings are available in my shop as of 6pm CST, 12.3.15. And as always, check back tomorrow for another! :)

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Pomegranates At Dusk - Watercolor - 12 Paintings And Christmas


Day two of my twelve days of painting was wonderful to work on. I'm not sure what the sudden draw to watercolors for me has been, but there's is an iridescent, over-all lighted touch to the finished paintings that I am simply adoring. I did a study from life of these pomegranates (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen it!), but this finished painting is one that I have long been wanting to create. It may be the nostalgia of home that seeing and picking (and painting, I should say) fruit fresh from the tree, but these pomegranates really sang to me when I saw them. Moments like that come and it's no longer a "want" to paint something but a "need." 

This painting is available in my shop. Check back tomorrow for the second painting! :)

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Horton Iris Farm - Watercolor - 12 Days of Paintings and Christmas


The first painting for the 12 days of Paintings and Christmas means so much to me. It's of the most beautiful iris flower farm near my home where I grew up. Every year they have a "paint out" where artists flood their farm and gardens to paint the scenery. I would go there and participate, and it was always so magical. I started my art career around that age and time, and I still gain momentum thinking of those experiences.

I had a photo tucked away in my files of the iris farm in the early morning, and over the years I've been wanting to paint it. When I was gathering my images and places to paint these next twelve days, this image came to mind immediately! It's always special to finally paint a piece that has been in my mind for years, even more special when it holds so much significance.

This painting is available in my shop. Check back tomorrow for the second painting! :)

And don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY! for your chance to win an original watercolor of mine. Good luck!
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