I grew up in a small town in Northern California...

...where I spent the summers running around barefoot through the oak forests that held “secret” ponds and creeks. I loved being outside and getting my hands (and feet) dirty. 

I caught frogs and lizards all day long, and I loved sharing lunch with my dogs. As I grew up, one of my favorite past times was to go exploring around the lakes and rivers with friend.

In the winter time, if my mom could keep me indoors, I would spend hours reading, writing, drawing and painting. I could spend an entire day next to the fire with a good book, or at my easel.

To this day, my childhood experiences and memories influence and inspire my work. (For more on that, check out this blog post.)

Fast forward to today: I’m a wife to my handsome Australian husband and a mother to my darling little red-headed boy. My full time job is being wife and mother and artist.

Thanks for joining me here.

Sarah Nightingale is a published illustrator, professional gallery artist, and the recipient of multiple national awards for her oil paintings. Her work is collected throughout the world. She graduated with her BFA in Illustration and Fine Art in 2014.

Throughout her career she has studied and/or apprenticed under Victoria Brooks, Casey Childs, William Whittaker, and Dennis Perrin.

She now works out of her home studio in Dallas, TX.